What is 'Forced Comics?'
Forced Comics is a series of usually single-paneled comics that I make in my spare time, though always updated on Mondays (roughly). They're always drawn in ballpoint pen on copy paper (except the first four which were drawn on notebook paper). The comics, so far, are non-sequetors, with no real running gags, so each comic can stand on it's own.

Why are they 'forced' comics?
Back when I made the first one, it was when a friend of mine, sarydactl had just started working on her OWN comic (NWABA), and I had been teasing her about having to put so much effort into her pages. So suddenly she shouts, "YOU KNOW WHAT TODD, YOU DRAW ME A COMIC. RIGHT NOW!" I, of course, do not. So then she threatens physical harm to my dear Squiggles (pictured to the left). So she is 'forcing' me to draw these comics in order to keep Squiggles safe. This pattern continued in that she also forced me to start a Smackjeeves site in which to start uploading my comics.

Why are all the comics so...poorly drawn?
Well, first of all 'cause I suck at it. Ohoho. Back in the first comic, I was being demanded of a comic that very second, so the best I could muster was grabbing a ballpoint pen and a piece of notebook paper I had around and scribbling something down. It's just been the tradition since to just draw, scan, crop and upload.

Does this comic have any major characters?
Not really. The comics either feature myself, a friend of mine, or just random people or creatures I happen to draw. There may be common characters in the future, but for now, it's just all non-sequetor.

When do you upload? -- Why then?
I upload every Monday, and any time during the week that I feel like (but always Monday, for sure). This is because this all intitially happened on a Monday. So then when it came back a week later, that's when I had to draw another one. So, if this had all started on a Wednesday, then I would upload on Wednesday, or if on Friday, then I would upload on Fridays, etc. But Mondays it is! Sometimes I manage to have random ideas during the week that can't wait until Monday, so then I'll draw it that day and upload it that day. But this doesn't not excuse me from doing one on Monday.

Got more questions pertaining to the Comic? Feel free to ask!
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